Release August 2013: Buddha Dances

This album is inspired by Siddartha a novel written by Hermann Hesse.
A story of a man named Siddartha and his unrelenting search for truth.
A truth that is essential for a simple harmonious relationship with the world.
His journey of self- discovery leads him to abandon the path of the Brahmins for the path of the Samanas. He becomes an ascetic aspiring to reach spiritual light and peace of mind. Renouncing all his material possessions he becomes a homeless wanderer.
Siddartha travels many paths. Some of which prove to dead ends he abandons and some which lead him further to his destination.
The path of the Samanas leads Siddartha to the path of the Gotama, and eventually to the radically alternative path of the material world with Kamala and Kamaswami. He does not give up his search and continues to take whatever path is available. Seeking to reach an understanding of life or Nirvana. There are many paths we all will travel.
This album is made with love and care. Wishing you safely home.

Listen and dance!

Althea W - "Buddha Dances"

Prudence - EAN 4015307681728

Release note Sept. 27 - 2004: Crystal Silence!

On their second album for PRUDENCE the Dutch new instrumental group Althea W., who had found many friends across the world with their contributions to the compilations "Buddha Lounge", "Mystic Celtic" and "Spirit Of Freedom" take the listener on an enchanting trip through the human mind.
Bram Schenk, the mastermind behind Althea W., had deliberately seeked a state of great mental peace when starting with the sessions to this album in late summer of 2003. During the six months of recording Bram started each day with meditations and a one hour walk through the meadows around his home village, before entering the studio. Then he started the daily dialogues with his instruments and computers unrestricted by mundane problems and thoughts.
As on the successful first Althea W. album "Sinners And Saints" the 10 tracks on "Crystal Silence" offer a sensual and quietly cheerful mix of modern ambient sounds and ethnic elements.
Very melodic and always gently swinging the unmistakable Althea W. sound incorporates African influences (stemming from Brams studies of the Oya religion), spheric soundscapes in the tradition of Tangerine Dream, modern trance grooves and sometimes even a subtle dose of funk (as in "Space Dance" or in "Jaco Miles Away", a touching tribute to the late great fusion bassist Jaco Pastorius). A very beautiful, entertaining and uplifting kind of silence indeed!

Althea W - "Crystal Silence"

Ordernumber: Pr 398.6699.2

EAN 4015307669924

Release note March 18 - 2002: Ambience with a swinging groove!

"Althea W is the brainchild of the outstanding Dutch composer and producer and multi instrumentalist Bram Schenk. Schenk once started his musical career as a drummer but found his musical voice when he toured as a keyboard player with a band called Painting House during the 70's. His mindset and attitude towards the world was pretty much shaped by the Flower Power era. Like many other artists around the world his experiences during this revolutionary era opened his mind for foreign cultures, especially those of the Far East, which have a strong influence on his music. In recent years Bram Schenk has built himself a state of the art studio.
Some tracks of Althea W were already released to great acclaim on successful compilations like "Buddha Lounge", "Mystic Celtic" and "Spirit of Freedom". They now reappear on the first full-length Althea W-album "Sinners and Saints".
Bram Schenk pleasantly surprise his listeners with a style which they call Magic Realism, a stunning combination of catchy melody lines with space ambience and a swinging groove."
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Althea W - "Sinners and Saints"
Prudence 398.6625.2
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