On their second album for PRUDENCE the Dutch new instrumental group Althea W., who had found many friends across the world with their contributions to the compilations "Buddha Lounge", "Mystic Celtic" and "Spirit Of Freedom" take the listener on an enchanting trip through the human mind.
Bram Schenk, the mastermind behind Althea W., had deliberately seeked a state of great mental peace when starting with the sessions to this album in late summer of 2003. During the six months of recording Bram started each day with meditations and a one hour walk through the meadows around his home village, before entering the studio. Then he started the daily dialogues with his instruments and computers unrestricted by mundane problems and thoughts.
As on the successful first Althea W. album "Sinners And Saints" the 10 tracks on "Crystal Silence" offer a sensual and quietly cheerful mix of modern ambient sounds and ethnic elements.
Very melodic and always gently swinging the unmistakable Althea W. sound incorporates African influences (stemming from Brams studies of the Oya religion), spheric soundscapes in the tradition of Tangerine Dream, modern trance grooves and sometimes even a subtle dose of funk (as in "Space Dance" or in "Jaco Miles Away", a touching tribute to the late great fusion bassist Jaco Pastorius). A very beautiful, entertaining and uplifting kind of silence indeed!


Ordernumber: Pr 398.6699.2 - EAN Code: 40 15307669924
Label: Prudence

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