...... AAyurveda Lounge Vol. III
Released on September 14th 2002.
Ayurveda, the "knowledge of life", is the olderst science of health 
and as a medical system it focusses on the whole human being.
It has been practised sice long before Christ and it is one of the
ancient Indian sciences such as Yoga, philosophy, astronomy
and astrology. 

The Ayurveda rules of nutrition traditionally refer to vegetarian food,
but can also be applied to non-vegetarian dishes. Like a lot of
different spices can subtly stimulate, calm or harmonize body
and mind in many different ways, the music of the "Ayurveda
Lounge"-series can balance and harmonize body and soul.
01    Bernd Scholl - Behind The Himalaya
02    Delago - Fourth Day
03    Bernd Scholl - Roof Of The World
04    Gleisberg - Masque l'autre visage
05    St. Gordon & D. Martin - Ancient Power
06    Shajan - Path of Silence
07    David & Steve Gordon - Healing Passage
08    Althea W - East Meets West
09    David & Steve Gordon - Waves Of Bliss Part II
10    Doucet & Miraz - Zabrisky Point
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Label: Prudence
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