Ordernumber: Pr 398.6628.2
Label: Prudence
Ordernumber: Pr 398.6644.2
Label: Prudence

Released on June 11th 2002.
"Exceptional and mythical spot", The Buddha Lounge!
A very special place unmarked by the passage of time is 
the Buddha Lounge. The clients prefer on one hand the very 
special atmosphere and on the other hand the excellent food 
and ambience. The Buddha Lounge-music lures their 
audience into a dreamworld. One just has to sit back and 
enjoy the journey through magical universe, discover the 
mysticisms and rhythms of the world.
This album was compiled by DJ Zahira and contains the real 
mystic sounds of Karunesh, Toires, Nasser Kalida, Opera To 
Relax, Jolly Kunjappu, TYA, Potsch Potschka, Yulara, Gleisberg, 
Althea W and many more.
01    Karunesh - Hidden Places
02 Armen Chakmakian - Distant Land 03 Nasser Kilada - Tarnima
04 Toires - Tali
05 TYA - Coming Home
06 Ginkgo Garden - Blossoms From India 07 Rudy K - Cosmic Island
08 Potsch Potschka - Baila Verena 09 Yulara - Tibetan Hope
10 Althea W - East Meets West 11 Jolly Kunjappu - Tibetan Sunrise 12 Gleisberg - Indian Garden
13 Opera To Relax - Hidden Forces All Around
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