Ordernumber: Pr 398.6689.2
Label: Prudence

Cafe de Luna - Chill out in paradise

For ages people have seen the moon as a symbol for the permeability between the world of dreams and reality. Artists and mystics alike use his mysterious radiation, which effects the conditions of human minds and the rhythms of nature, as a catalyst for their inspiration.
This fascinating compilation offers 14 tracks assembled by leading ambient artists from three continents. Here traditional and modern elements mingle in various ways, and so do imagination and profound knowledge: Like when London-based mexican multiinstrumentalist Alquimia reworks the ancient british folk classic "She Moved Through The Fair" in an extraordinary way. Or when Caribbean guitar virtuoso Roykey Wydh adds surprising new facets to an old tropical folk melody. But also when sensitive German composer Rüdiger Gleisberg combines cultivated European harmonies with melodic themes full of Asiatic flair. Gentle, sensual grooves, relaxing and stimulating trance rhythms, intoxicatingly beautiful harmonies - in the "Café de Luna" the listener forgets the tribulations of the working day and becomes receptive for a paradise full of musical pleasures.

01 Scholl - Voices In The Wind 6.33
02 TYA - Akwaba 5.19
03 Roykey - Atma Victu 4.01
04 Alquimia - She Moves Through The Fair (remix) 4.53
05 Potschka - Grazalema Plains 6.16
06 Delago - Miles Away 4.13
07 Drum'n'Space - Dive Into A Black Hole 3.22
08 Gleisberg - Shiva OM Café 4.48
09 Althea W. - Pacifist 4.11
10 Ashron - Eternal Love 6.26
11 Marcator - Jokhang Rising 2.55
12 Weineck - Breakfast On Neptun 5.27
13 Mergener - Electronic Billiard Café 6.21
14 Ginkgo Garden - Journey Of The Clouds 3.36

2002 Bee M Productions vof. Designed by Marjo van der Sman